Introduction to speciality

Introduction to Speciality is a mandatory course in Computer and Systems Engineering curriculum. The course was created with the curriculum modification in 2009. As the curriculum is steered by two department’s (Computer Engineering and Computer Control) the lectures and practice lessons are also divided. This page presents the practice lessons in the Computer Engineering.

Since 2009 the course is meant to be entertaining with the aim to give brief overview of the field. It was decided to use Parallax Boe-Bot robot as the basis for the course since it allows programming and direct control of hardware.

By 2015 the initial robot has been modified several times. The main controller has been replaced with FPGA, which is running on soft-core MicroBlaze microprocessor. Also Over-The-Air programming via Bluetooth has been added. Besides the default sensors and transducers QTI sensors for line following were added along with ultrasonic transceiver for precise distance measuring.

The following course uses Parallax Boe-bot robot with modified controller.