The classes are a part of the subject and the points gained here add onto the total gained from previous weeks, which make up the final grade. The Boe-Bot labs make up to 25% of the end grade.

There are a total of 3 lab tasks, which You’ll have to complete as a group. The maximum group size is 3. Members of a group are allowed to differ from lab to lab. Each of the three tasks will be graded individually. Each lab task will include a small report to be submitted after completing the lab. A partial lab may also be shown.

The main topics will be covered within the first three week. Last week is for students who have been absent in one of the previous labs. If you’re unable to attend the class, either use the other group’s time or send a notice beforehand. By presenting a doctor’s notice, it is possible to avoid late penalty. It is also possible to do labs beforehand (faster) than the proposed schedule.

Grading procedure:

  1. Show what You’ve done once completed or in the end of the lab
  2. Some question may be asked about the code, the topic of the lab or the use of hardware in this lab.
  3. Send the report to receive the points gained in lab
  4. You can show one or more labs per lesson if they’re either on time or early
  5. You can only show ONE late lab at a time. It is not possible to show all three labs in the last lab.

Special cases, such as not being able to participate at all, will be handled by Martin Jaanus.

Grading principles

  • Each lab is graded in the scale of 0 to 25 points
  • The lab score is made up of the following:
    • The code and its ability to correctly fulfill the task
    • Answers to the questions during the lab
    • The report
  • The total points will be the average calculated based on 3 labs.
  • Total points of each lab work will be multiplied with a coefficient (see grading coefficients)
  • The report may influence the end score of the lab in both ways
  • The lab report must be sent within 7 day after doing the lab.
  • All reports must be sent by 8. January 2018! Later submissions will not be accepted.

Grading coefficients:

  • 1.0 Lab is on time, report is on time
  • 0.2 Lab is done, but report is not submitted.
  • -0.3 Lab is done late
  • -0.3 Report is submitted late

The report:

  • Send the code
  • Name the participants (name + code)
  • Comment each line you’ve added or modified from the base task.
    • Explain what the line does and why it was added or modified
    • Explicitly explain the parameters that are being passed to functions or values returned from functions
    • Explain the purpose of each variable added (except loop counter)
  • Send a brief summary of what you learned during this lab, can be within the email body.
  • Send any comments about the lab itself – were there any issues with the robots, unclear task description etc.
  • Send to:
    CC to:

Points example 1:
Lab1 is on time, got 25p, the report was sent on time
Lab2 is on time, got 20p, the report was sent on time
Lab3 is on time, got 19p, the report was sent on time
Grade: ((25 * 1.0) + (21 * 1.0) + (23 * 1.0)) / 3 = 23p

Points example 2:
Lab1 is on time, got 20p, the report was sent on time
Lab2 is late, got 22p, the report was sent on time
Lab3 is on on time, got 19p, the report was not sent
Grade: ((20 * 1.0) + (22 * 0.7) + (19 * 0.2)) / 3 = 13p