Covid-19 plan (PR2)

Read this first!
1. Rules described on this page will only take effect when the class has to be taught from distance.
2. Due to the volatility of the situation, everything on this page is preliminary. Situation can change within hours.
3. The application and severity of this will depend on the likely duration of the distance learning.
4. Changes to the rules may be made to a reasonable extent.

5. All changes and updates (including to this page) will be published on Mattermost channels!

What if I get sick, but the class continues?

  • Just send me a message before the class through Mattermost and keep us updated
  • If you failed to notify us before the class, you can still provide us with a doctor’s note.
  • All such cases will be handled individually.


Typically for the labs that will not be held on site, a lecture video will be produced and posted on Echo360. Usually you will see it uploaded on the day of the first lab in the specific language.

Depending on the length of notice for the cancellation of class, the content may be delayed or organized differently.

Weekly labs

Weekly labs will continue. Some labs may be cancelled, others replaced – we will take it one week at a time.

Lab tasks will be provided by the usual means – on the slides, in the lecture video or on the labs page.

Typically me and possibly other lab assistants will try to be online during the official lab time, so we can respond to questions quickly.

Labwork additional requirements

  • Each lab has to include a mini/report. The report will be graded.
  • Requirements for the report:
    • The report should make the reader feel like the author has understood the topic. Use your own words, don’t copy quotes from the slides, internet etc.
    • The length of it should be approximately half A4 page for the base task text part. If the week has multiple base tasks, write one for each.
    • Your name and student code should be placed in the header of the document.
    • The document must be uploaded as a PDF alongside the files
    • The report should be structured. No walls of text!
    • It should include the key takeaways of the lesson – new topics, algorithms, libraries, functions, concepts, …
    • It should include the most important parts of the solution
    • You can also write about things that emotionally got you – e.g. something that made you go wow or had you struggling for hours, feeling like there should be a better way.
    • A screenshot of the running program
  • If you solved any advanced task(s), write between 1 to 4 sentences about the key change(s) or addition(s) required to solve it. Do this for each advanced task.


  • The maximum amount of points per lab does not change.
  • Individual labs are graded in detail, with a stepping of 5%, as the typical in-class means become impossible.
  • The points for those labs will not be visible under task submission, but will be cumulatively added to your lab points.
  • The points may be withheld during remote learning until defending the labs in-person.

Lab task deadlines

  • Deadline for each lab is announced individually!
  • There are separate on time and late deadlines.
  • Labs taught remotely have a lockdown date on the next Wednesday (23:59, local time), unless specified otherwise. After that the submissions will not be accepted any more.
  • Base task
    • To submit on time, you will typically have the deadline on the same day of the lab, at 23:59 local time.
    • On some occasions we may extend it to 2 days or shift it if the content is not ready on time (e.g. lockdown announced in the morning of the class). This will be announced separately. This date is also visible on Moodle.
  • Advanced task(s):
    • The deadline is the same as the lockdown date for the base task (100% of points).
    • If you plan on submitting the advanced task(s) after the deadline for basic task, the basic task(s) should still be uploaded on time and separately!
    • When uploading advanced task separately from base task, just add the new file(s) to the submission. DO NOT delete or alter the original file!

Submitting labs

  • The labs taught remotely will have an upload slot in Moodle.
  • Look for such a slot under a specific module and a specific week. Note, that it’s not visible unless it actually happens.
When uploading files, follow the naming regulations provided:
  • 3_John_Doe_200110_task1.c (week 3, basic lab task 1)
  • 10_Jane_Doe_200111_task1_pt1_3 (week 10, basic lab task 1 parts 1 and 3)
  • 10_Jane_Doe_200111_task2_adv1_2_4 (week 10, lab task 2, advanced tasks 1, 2 and 4).

! Do not delete and reupload basic task after deadline ! I’m looking at the upload date/time for the file to see what was submitted on time and what was not. If you find that you need to fix something, upload it as a separate file (e.g. Week_nr_Name_matricula_task1_fix.c) and describe the updates as comments to the code.

Defending labs, tests or homework

  • This will depend on the severity and duration of the limitations.
  • Expect to defend most, if not all labs during the distance learning period.
  • Defense will typically be held in-person on the university grounds in small groups.
  • You will have to prove that you understood the contents of the lab. It may include modifications to the code, writing new code, answering questions etc.
  • Note, that if you have a pending defense (labs, homework, tests), all other points may be withheld until the defense is complete.

Lab feedback

We hope to provide at least some common mistakes. Personalized feedback may not be feasible due to the amount of students.


Nothing changes. Variants are distributed digitally. Solutions are uploaded to Moodle.

Tests and retests

Depending on the severity and duration of the distance learning, they will either be postponed, taken in small groups or taken digitally.


As of writing this (beginning of the semester), we expect that the exams will take place in classroom. If the situation should change, we will announce that separately.

Consultation and support

  • The cancellation of in-person consultations depends on the seriousness of the situations and rules in place.
  • You can ask your questions through a direct message to me or my assistants. This is preferred in any case. You can ask at any time, day or night. We will answer as soon as we get to it.
  • You can ask your questions on the Mattermost public channels. Maybe you’re not the only one having the same problem. You may also get an answer back from a classmate quicker.
  • You can also answer other people’s questions. I urge you not to give direct solutions to the problems but rather hints — where to find an answer, what to look for.

During the lab time

  • Me and my assistants try to monitor Mattermost more often so we can answer your questions quickly
  • We will open a BBB chat so you can also ask questions verbally and screen share, so it will be easier to explain your issue. Link in MM.