Exam points requirement

To be allowed to the examination, you must either have:

  • 60p (labs + tests + bonus) to get access to the pre-exam
  • 50p (labs + tests + bonus) to get access to the main exam
Exam registration

Pre-exam: no registration required as long as you meet the points requirement

Main exam: Registration mandatory in OIS. Points requirement must be met.

If you declared the subject to Vladimir Viies, but would still like to come during one of my exam times, send me an e-mail with the desired exam time. Look below for available exam times.

Exam times

Pre-exam time:

15th week lab time, starting 30 minutes later.

11.12.2019 08:30, room ICT-121

The main exam times are as follows:

06.01.2020 13:15, room ICT-121
10.01.2020 12:00, room ICT-121
14.01.2020 12:00, room ICT-121

Exam consultation:

03.01.2020 14:00, room ICT-507ab

Exam duration: 2 hours 30 minutes.


  • The pre-exam score will be equivalent to the main exam score. If pre-exam is successful, no need to attend the main exam.
  • The result of the pre-exam can be improved (or worsened) during the main exam. Same applies to retaking the main exam.
  • Last exam score will be used (when the exam is retaken) for grading
  • You can only use the lab computers during the exam
  • You’re not allowed to use any of your personal devices (phone, laptop, tablet, …)
  • You’re allowed to use materials (handwritten, printed and digital). This also includes limited internet access (Searching forums, stackoverflow etc. is allowed, any kind of file sharing platforms or IM is not – e.g. dropbox, google drive, e-mail, facebook, VK, slack, etc.)
  • Maximum score from the exam is 60p. Other points for the grade come from homeworks.
  • Exam contains of written code and theoretical questions

Exam contents

All of the exam contents is in correlation with the labs and homework. Requirements set to homework and coding style apply.

Coding part of the exam is limited to week 9 topics on both the main and the pre-exam (dynamic memory, up to realloc).

Questions in the theoretical part cover all topics throughout the semester, except microcontroller. This may include code snippets from some of the topics.