The materials, tasks and guides may differ based on the language!

[04.12] Examination in Programming 2 IAX0584

Examination rules

There is no need to register for the examination in OIS! Those who have successfully done the pre-exam don’t need to do the main exam!

The exam times are as follows:

07.01.19 12:00 in ICT-121

14.01.19 12:00 in ICT-121

18.01.19 12:00 in ICT-121


04.01.19 15:00 in ICT-507ab

[04.12] Retaking of the tests in programming 1

17.12.18 during the lab time – both test 1 and test 2 can be retaken.

[26.10] Programming 2 Test retakes:

05.11 during consultation [test 1]

19.11 during consultation [test1]

03.12 during consultation [test1]

10.12 during consultation [test 2]

17.12 during consultation [test 1 and test 2] last time

[11.10] Problems accessing the P drive

If you have any issues accessing Your data either remotely or from a lab class, please let us know by filling out the following form:

[20.09] Programming II information

Homework task description has been published. Variants will be given out during the class.

Homework I deadline extended by one week, new deadline is 14.10.2018

Test I will take place during the lab on 19.10.2018.

[14.09] Sample solution for revision task 1 published with multiple alternative possibilities and comments

[13.09] Moodle

Students taking Programming I or Programming II in English should register at

We’re mainly using moodle for submitting homework, feedback and publishing scores. Everything concerning the labs will be posted on this page!

[11.09] Consultations

Consultations will take place on mondays in ICT-405 at 16:00.

If no students come within the first 10 minutes and nobody has informed me of arriving late, I’m assuming no students need consultation on that day and leave.

[10.09] Updates

Uploaded code examples with commentary: [hello.c], [parity.c], [using printf]

[28.08] Fall semester classes which I’ll be teaching

  • Mon 10:00 Programming I English (lecture + lab)
  • Wed 08:00 Programming I Estonian (lab only)
  • Fri 14:00 Programming II English (lecture + lab)

NB! The material for Programming I will be slightly different depending on the language selected. This is due to including lecture content in the English version of the course.

Consultation hours will be announced at a later time, meanwhile You’re welcome to use any of my lab times to solve Your problems.