The materials, tasks and guides may differ based on the language!

Happy holidays!

End of the semester information:

[18.12 update on examination for Programming II]: If you declared the subject to Vladimir Viies, but would still like to come during one of my exam times, send me an e-mail with the desired exam time. The times are visible from the [examination] page.


  • Make sure all of your tasks are defended, especially the homework tasks which have 0 points on Moodle!
  • Watch out for lab and homework point lockdown dates!
  • Make sure the grade corresponds to the points total on moodle! It will take us a few days to update it if a different grade will be earned from the previous.
  • Week 16: no labs.
  • NB! University staff is also going on holidays until 2nd of January. Responses to e-mails may be delayed during that period.

Programming 1:

  • Retaking times for examination session are announced and handled by Vladimir Viies. The test during those times will be cumulative.
    Please double-check the available retake times with V. Viies!
  • If you redo the test during the examination session and improve the grade, it will be updated on OIS.

Programming 2:

  • Examination information (Registration on OIS is mandatory for exams in January! The number of places is limited!)
  • Your grade will be put to OIS after the deadline of homework 3, if you have done the exam.