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State of the subject regarding the outbreak

  • Course informaton during the corona outbreak: [course and corona]
  • For the most up to date information as things progress, join mattermost:
    • Only Uni-ID e-mail addresses are accepted! ( and If you need to confirm your e-mail, use
    • Once registered, make sure your real name is visible.
    • Through mattermost you will also be able to contact me directly and get the updates as they are decided or things change.
    • Once you join, you will be automatically added to the generic channel. Remember to also join the course-specific channel.
  • As of 13.03, the university will be closed for auditory studies
    Informaton (EN); (ET)

[10.02] Moodle

  • Make sure that you are registered to the moodle course (english groups only!)
  • Make sure you have enabled the submissions by doing the course selection!
  • Point synchronization should begin this week. If you are not signed up, the points will not be synced until you are manually added.