Getting started

This page is valid for: 2021 autumn IAX0583 Programming 1.

This page is provided in order to make you acquainted with all the necessary details for programming courses. This includes setting up your machine, links to communication platforms, explanations on where to find what etc.

Note: The connection to some of the required services may fail if your ISP is blocking internet access or is forced to do so by your government.

Subject information

  • The grading policies and other rules, deadlines etc are given in the introduction slides of lab 1.
  • Alternative grading policies for Programming I if distance learning should be enforced: COVID-19 plan

Things to do on the first week

After your first week you should have solved the lab tasks and got acquainted with the extended description of the lab. In there, you should be able to say “yes” to each of the goals outlined here:

If you can’t tick all the goals, take a moment to go back and learn the required skills.

Now for a list of goals that you should be able to say “yes” to before the second lab:

Some additional steps that might be useful

  • Find where we keep the lecture recordings (Echo360). The access is through Moodle.
  • Check out the COVID-19 plan so you know what is expected when we need to do the class from distance.
  • Setting up file transfer between your computer and the university computers. SFTP Access guide provided here.
    This way you can upload files (code, diagrams etc) to the university computer and/or download what you did in lab to yours.
  • Setting up SSH connection between your device and the university computer. SSH connection guide is provided here.
    It allows to run programs as if you were in the computer lab.

Links to various environments

  1. Know your university ID (Uni-ID).
    Uni-ID can be managed at
    University e-mail can be accessed from
    You will need it to log into the class computers, e-mail, access files and servers remotely, use VPN etc.
  2. Mattermost for communication and notifications
    This platform is used for communicating directly with your teacher and teaching assistants, is the official platform for notifications as well as provides a generic communication platform. All important course-related announcements come through that.
    Once you have joined the Mattermost team, make sure to join the appropriate class channel. Notice, that some channels are multilingual, while others are language-specific.
  3. (Pesa) – the page you’re on.
    This page will be your main source for lab materials, guides and homework assignments.
    Notice that the page is in both English and Estonian. Selecting the correct language is important! Even though most content is a direct translation, not all of it is. If you are in an English class, use the English page and vice versa. There may be differences in deadlines, lab order, some materials etc.
  4. Moodle
    This is where you will submit graded assignments, receive feedback on homework and see your scores.
    Programming I (eng):
    Programming II (eng):
  5. Echo360
    Echo is integrated into Moodle.