Tools suitable for coding

Tools suitable for modelling

Open me to get the guide for Linux

1. Open the terminal on your desktop (right click, “Open terminal”). If you wish to put ArgoUML in a different folder, open it there.
2. Write the following commands. First we will update our knowledge of software, then we will update all the software that is out of date. Then we will install Java JDK and download and unpack ArgoUML. Lastly, we will remove the archive that we downloaded and don’t need any more. Only the unpacked files will remain. This process needs to be done only once.
3. Now lets run ArgoUML. First we go to the right folder and then run it.
NB! If you are already in the right folder or open the terminal from the ArgoUML folder, you don’t need to write the first line. cd command is used to change directory where the command prompt is currently at.
ArgoUML will work until you either close it or until you close the terminal window you opened it from!

  • Astah (student license available with uni-id e-mail)
  • StarUML
  • Microsoft Visio (requires license, freely available for IT faculty students through Azure)
  • (web based)


Git guide

Additional reading

NB! The links here are given to help understand and read further into the topics covered during the course. The material however is not curated by us and therefore it might not be fully or at all in conjunction with the course contents and the coding style used in the course.